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Special Prayer to St. Joseph

To God be the glory.

Blessed Pius IX proclaimed St. Joseph as patron of the universal Church on December 8, 1870. Pope Francis declared the Year of St. Joseph in December 2020, 150 years later.

"In the past 150 years, nearly every pope has taken steps to further devotion to St. Joseph in the Church and to use the humble father and carpenter as a witness for the modern world.

'If you want to be close to Christ, I repeat to you ‘Ite ad Ioseph’: Go to Joseph!' said Ven. Pius XII in 1955 as he instituted the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, to be celebrated on May 1."(link)

Of course, the upcoming Feast this Saturday, May 1st, is an opportunity of grace. May it be a moment of God's blessing for families, as they seek healing and pray for the conversion of loved ones. May it be a day of miracles, signs and wonders through St. Joseph's intercession.

"The Year of St. Joseph provides the opportunity for Catholics to receive a plenary indulgence by reciting any approved prayer or act of piety in honor of St. Joseph, especially on March 19, the saint’s solemnity, and May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker." link

Did you know that Pope Leo XIII, in his encyclical "on devotion to St. Joseph," Quamquam Pluries, requested that a specific prayer be recited at the end of the rosary every October? Perhaps this prayer can be used to seek St. Joseph's intercession on his upcoming Feast.


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