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Miracles Through St. Joseph

To God be the glory!

Many people know of St. Andre Bessette, the little Holy Cross brother-porter who, to look at, one would never expect was such a powerful man of God. Many people also know that he never took credit for the thousands (upwards of 10,000) healing miracles attributed to his intercession, but rather he constantly pointed to the prayers of St. Joseph.

It is easy to recall the similar stories of the Cure of Ars, St. John Vianney, who took no credit for the many miracles of his ministry, but rather pointed to St. Philomena, an early Church martyr.

Were these men being humble before God with their gifts, or was there really something to their pointing towards these saints' intercession? We contend that it is both. Fr. Fernando Suarez, too, always pointed to Mother Mary as the great intercessor, and always said, "it is not I who heals, I am simply God's instrument."

In this month and Year of St. Joseph, however, it is amazing to note the power of St. Joseph's intercession in the life and ministry of St. Andre Bessette, whose devotion to the foster-father of Jesus resulted in the construction of the massive Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal.

We do not feel it is coincidence that this little man received so many graces from God through the intercession of St. Joseph, resulting in true revival: conversions, tremendous healings and miracles, etc. It is not coincidence that St. Joseph was also made the patron saint of Canada...

Why should we not expect a great miracle revival, starting this month, in this Year of St. Joseph? Lord, let it be through the intercession of Your foster-father, and dear Mother. Come, Holy Spirit in a new and fresh way upon the nation of Canada, and bring Your people back to God.

St. Andre Bessette, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Prayer for the Intercession of Saint André


you have chosen Brother André

to spread devotion to Saint Joseph,

and to dedicate himself

to all those who are poor and afflicted.

Grant through his intercession

the favor that we now request ...

(state your intention)

Grant us the grace

to imitate his piety and charity,

so that, with him,

we may share the reward promised

to all who care for their neighbors out of love for you.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus the Lord.



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