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Lent with Mother Mary

What a glorious time to be Catholic, in this, the richest, holiest time of the year, a chance to fall in love with Jesus and Mother Mary all over again!

When we were married, the holy Catholic priest who married us did something we believe was prophetic. After our vows, and receiving the Eucharist, he immediately brought us over to the statue of Mother Mary, to consecrate us, our marriage and ministry to the Blessed Virgin.Nearly three years later, we have opened Mary's Mission House by the grace of God.

Click Here for More Info on Mary's Mission House As you may know, Mary's Mission House came about as a miracle of God, when we ourselves were homeless. It is the fruit of a promise God gave to Lee Anne, and a mandate to open up "a house for people with no place to go." ​Not a homeless shelter, not a place for temporary housing, it is rather a place of healing for the broken. It is a home for the spiritually homeless, the most hopeless of cases- a place of the spiritual works of mercy.It is a place where God restores hope! ​e.g. priests going through crisis in their vocation or burnout, people experiencing trouble in their marriage, seeking freedom from addiction...

One young man, originally from Andhra Pradesh, India, recently experienced a great miracle! He has visited Mary's Mission House many times, and lately asked us to pray that he would receive a provincial nomination from Ontario, for his Express Entry application for permanent residency in Canada. By the grace of God, he received it just a few days ago! Before that, he was blessed to receive a brand new job, a great promotion. God blessed him with signs, wonders and miracles!

As you know, Fr. Fernando Suarez, Founder of the Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor, passed into the hands of Jesus this month, on February 4th. It was only 3 days before his 53rd birthday. He died in the service of the Lord, having organized a priests' tennis tournament in the Philippines (he did many of these all around the world to foster priestly fraternity). He absolutely loved playing tennis, and was very good at it. He had won the first two matches, and was winning the third when we collapsed...

He was our spiritual director and the spiritual director of this ministry, and our dearest friend. So, it has come as quite a shock. He is sorely missed. For us, he was the most Christ-like person either of us has ever met- he walked the walk of Jesus in every way.

Yet, we know he is with us more than ever, interceding ever more powerfully.

He told us he wanted us to be with his community "for a long time;" we had even planned to move to the Philippines! Yet, our health was severely affected, and in prayer and by his direction we journeyed home to Canada by faith...he was supposed to come to Mary's Mission House in mid-January, but unfortunately he was detained, as the Taal Volcano erupted and the MMMP provided relief efforts to the surrounding area...

One of the last messages we received from him:

We feel very blessed to be connected to his ministry, and had traveled with him all around the world. Praise God, too, that our ministry was the last to be offered in the holy Mass for the healing of the family tree this past year- those who sent in their family trees got truly blessed! We had given him a donation for this, of course- what an honour!

We were honoured, as well, to be invited to do the readings and participate in the holy Mass in Wallaceburg, ON, celebrated by one of Fr. Fernando's classmates, whom we had gotten to know in the Philippines. Both Fr. Chris and we were assigned by Fr. Fernando to do something very close to Father's heart- to train and equip his seminarians and MMMP community.

Fr. Chris' homily (below) was very powerful, a perfect honour to Father's legacy and spirit.

Fr. Chris Gillespie homily:


We miss being with the Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor in their daily holy hours before the Lord, singing songs to Mother Mary:

Recently, we made a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Little Flower (St. Therese) in Royal Oak, Michigan. The 24 hour Blessed Sacrament chapel there is wonderfully anointed. There, and at the holy Mass, we lifted up all our members, benefactors, families and those who have asked for our prayers.

Remember, all our members and benefactors enroll in our monthly Mass and daily prayer covering from our prayer and fasting team!

It reminded us of participating in the 40 Hours Devotion on Ilin Island in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. There, as we were doing the hour we were assigned, it so happened that the entire youth group showed up! Fr. Fernando had said he hoped we would minister to the youth while we were there. We ended up leading them in praise and worship, teaching them about the beauty of the Eucharistic Lord, and leading them in a prayer of offering their lives entirely to Jesus. What a glorious gift and privilege from the Lord.

Another miracle (below) happened when we were assisting one of the seminarians in working with the youth in Fr. Fernando's hometown.

The woman who was healed is second from the left of Lee Anne. Hallelujah!

In a local chapel closer to Manila, we were introduced by one of our spiritual sons to a youth group of about 15 or 20. He shared about our relationship as soulmates. He introduced them to the power of praise and worship and encouraged them to start listening to and singing worship.

They joined right in as we both (Lee Anne and Danny) led them in prayer and praise. The anointing was very present. We led them also in a prayer of salvation, giving their lives to the Lord.

When we asked them to share what they experienced, one young man shared that when he closed his eyes during a meditation, he saw many people's faces arise before him. We shared that perhaps these are people he should pray for. One young man, one who struggles with his sexual identity, shared that he felt the Father's Love. God really touched him. One girl shared that she felt "little tinglies" all over her arms.

We were about to hand over the mic for a testimony from our seminarian brother, when an older woman came up from the back of the chapel and shared that as she entered the chapel, she sat down and heard the children singing. She began to feel a warm presence come all over her left side, which was in tremendous pain. Suddenly, the pain completely left her. She was totally healed. As it happened, she was a member of their local prayer group.

Praise God for the anointing!


Glory Stories, Field Reports

Glory to God for all His wonders!

Recently, we traveled to Michigan and other parts of the States on mission. Due to the nature of our ministry, which is highly confidential, we are not always able to share what God is doing, but He is always working many miracles!

One story we would like to share:

A wonderful holy priest from Andhra Pradesh, India, our friend and spiritual son asked for prayers, and by the grace of God has been assigned to a wonderful parish near his home village as associate pastor! He is very musically gifted (see above). Let us pray for his pastor, and his ministry as he requested, especially as he trains the children to praise and worship the Lord!

One member of our board of directors, who recently was told he needed surgery, miraculously got a very quick surgery date.

All in all, we pray that each of you has a wonderfully transforming Lenten season. Mother Mary, in her latest message in Medjugorje, said it the best:

In the Father's Love,

Lee Anne and Danny Devine III Heart Two Heart Ministries Inc.

Heart Two Heart Ministries, Inc. is not government funded - we live solely by the generous donations of God's people.

If you feel called to help support us, the bare minimum costs of running the house, accommodations and hospitality is approximately $2,000.00/month.

This is apart from the money we spend on missions we do in North America and abroad- for which we have spent our own money. Fr. Fernando told us, "it's not easy to be a missionary!"

Mary's Mission House is a mission that responds to the needs of this region and nation- namely, the spiritual works of mercy. Where other nations need food and finances, this nation needs God.

Heart Two Heart is a nonprofit, registered charitable incorporation with the Canada Revenue Agency, no. 827782244 RR0001. As such, it is licensed to give charitable tax receipts for donations over $20.00.

"My direct contact with peoples who do not know Christ has convinced me even more of the urgency of missionary activity..."

Pope St. John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio: On the permanent validity of the Church's missionary mandate, December 7, 1990


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