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When they sing, people are healed

The Devines have a prophetic worship leading ministry:

"You definitely have a gift for anointed worship leading."  

"They love the Lord so much- not only in praising- everything that comes out of their mouth is JESUS."  

+ Fr. Fernando Suarez, Founder of the Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor

Woman healed during worship.webp
Joryll preaching to the youth.webp

Danny and Lee Anne, with one of their spiritual sons, were leading the youth in praise and worship, with sharing, near Taal, Batangas, in the Philippines. After the singing was over, a woman (third from the left) came up from the back of the chapel and shared that as she entered the chapel, she sat down and heard the children singing. She began to feel a warm presence come all over her left side, which was in tremendous pain. Suddenly, the pain completely left her. She was totally healed! As it happened, she was a member of their local prayer group.


Praise God for the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Danny and Lee Anne were participating in the 40 Hours Devotion on Ilin Island in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. There, as they spent their hour with the Lord, it so happened that the entire youth group showed up! Fr. Fernando had said he hoped the Devines would minister to the youth while they were there on mission. They led them in praise and worship, teaching them about the beauty of the Eucharistic Lord, and leading them in a prayer of offering their lives entirely to Jesus. What a glorious gift and privilege from the Lord.

Praise God for the Eucharist!

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