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How can we serve you? 

We are first of all a ministry of prayer. Contact us for intercession and prayer covering for your needs: family, ministry, finances, sickness, personal freedom


Listening Ear

Bring Your Group to the Next Level

Do you want to bring your church or prayer community to the next spiritual level? Perhaps it is in a time of spiritual trial, you want new people to join, you want to see greater fruit in salvation, signs and wonders in your ministry, etc. 

We find most people just want someone to listen. As you unload your pressures onto the Lord, we believe that God will give you the peace and wisdom that you need. 

Personal Training

Professional Help for College Admissions Letters

We can share from our God-given life experiences on how to be: 

-a prayer warrior and intercessor
-a spiritual mother/father of priests and seminarians

How to:

-pray and fast
-come under the anointing of the Holy Spirit daily
-read and share God's Word

-hear God speak to you

-receive and minister healing
-receive and minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit

-receive and minister personal freedom

-lead worship and prayer groups

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